the Fed plans several more half-point hikes

US central bank officials are determined to bring inflation down sharply with these hikes. US central bank officials have said they are determined to bring inflation down sharply, and most of them estimated at their last meeting in early May that several more half-point rate hikes will be “probably necessary”. Half-point increases, faster than the … Read more

Google announces major algorithm update

As Ascension weekend begins, Google is rolling out a major update… Share the article Thomas Coeffe / Published on May 25, 2022 at 6:43 p.m. New update for Google algorithms! © Andreas Prott – 1st major Google Search algorithm update in 2022 As usual, Google announced on Twitter a major update to its algorithms. … Read more

Deirdre O’Brien’s response to the unionization movement in the Apple Stores

Apple is not particularly excited about the unionization movement that is taking place in its network of stores in the United States. Deirdre O’Brien, vice-president of the retail and human resources, carries the company’s response: the leader spread the word on video to Apple Store employees, who would like a union to degrade the direct … Read more

Monkey pox: Spain, the most affected country in the world, orders vaccines and drugs against Monkeypox

After Germany and Belgium, Spain, the country most affected in the world by the virus, is taking its precautions. the Monkeypox gradually settles. As of Wednesday, 19 countries have declared at least one case. And theSpain seems to be the most affected country in the world by the monkeypox (61 confirmed cases). The fault lies … Read more