a body kit for Tesla at €20,000?

Startech has given a new look to the Tesla model Y. Aesthetic changes, technological changes and other details are on the agenda. All for a colossal sum of €20,000? A very high budget that most would never spend on bodywork, but very reasonable for fans!

Today, car enthusiasts no longer have any limits. Everything is allowed to differentiate and stand out from others. Perhaps even more for Tesla owners, like the extravagant boss, Elon Musk. This is in any case the concept of this body kit designed by Startech for the Tesla model Y. A tailor-made body and made for those who want to revamp their electric vehicle.

Startech and Tesla: the perfect combo for the current trend!

Does the name Startech mean anything to you? This is a company that produces tools and accessories for electronic devices. Startech started as a dust repellent vendor for computers and has expanded its catalog over time. So that today the company offers a kit to modify the appearance of the Tesla model Y. All in all, the genius of technology is in charge of improving the exterior, the interior of the vehicle, but also its performance.

Is it worth spending $20,000 on it?

Considering its price, one should receive a high quality kit. Startech has struck a blow, because with this kit at this price, many innovations will be installed on the Tesla : sporty front bumper, custom wheels, smoked taillights, vegan leather upholstery, digital dashboard and more customization options… The body kit will be available soon but Currently only in the United States! And you, would you open your wallet to personalize your beautiful Tesla?

Discover below the video of the Tesla model Y with this body kit signed Startech:

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