A Citroën 2CV plugged into… a Tesla Supercharger!

A Citroën 2CV plugged into… a Tesla Supercharger: this is the unusual image circulating on social networks.

Many of the models have an electric version. This is the case of the famous “deudeuche” of Citroen. The racing car of the French manufacturer had first seen a battery be integrated in place of the tank and the spare wheel in an initial version. Subsequently, the 2 CV underwent a further retrofit. The 2cvGarage company then placed the battery in the chassis.

Three 2cvE models

The pack installed in the 2 CV electric version is an LFP battery pack, i.e. lithium, iron and phosphate. It allows to have autonomy larger but also to limit the weight. In total, this adds 200 kg to the vehicle. The company 2cvGarage propose the “deudeuche” electric sub three formats.

A first with an autonomy of 27 kWhwhich allows you to browse up to 190km in a single charge. The second with an autonomy of 32 kWhallowing to go up to 220km. Finally, the one to 37 kWh allows you to go up to 250km. Note that the company has announced that it takes about 20 minutes to recharge a third of the battery in mode fast charging.

Amusing consequence of the retrofit

The 2cvE also has a feature useful for motorists. She does have a catch CCS Combo. In short, it allows the vehicle to use fast terminals like the Tesla Superchargers. The network of the American firm is indeed better distributed than that of Ionity in France but also in the rest of Europe.

This is therefore good news for people wishing acquire this vehicle in mode retrofit. It is with this in mind that on social networks, a photo of this Citroën 2CV connected to a Tesla Supercharger has been published. A picture fun and which is likely to spread more and more according to the models, so much the retrofit develops and popularizes.

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