a rise in power that worries the boss of Volkswagen

According to Herbert Diess, Tesla is no longer a distant threat to traditional manufacturers. The CEO of Volkswagen now considers the American firm as his main rival.

The signals showing that Tesla is now a major player in the automotive market are multiplying. The latest is obviously the domination of the Tesla Model 3 in European sales for the month of September.

According to Herbert Diess, CEO of Volkswagen, Elon Musk’s firm is now an example. The German indeed notes the progress of Tesla and envisages record production for the American brand.

“Teslas have long been favored for their software, their autonomy and their acceleration”recalled Diess. Quality is progressing, customer feedback is more positive. And in Brandenburg, Tesla wants to build half a million cars with 7,000 people. And its productivity will be impressive, we expect 90 cars per hour and per line. »

Explaining that a car would take Tesla ten hours to build, Diess wants progress at Volkswagen. “In Zwickau, we are over 30 hours away, and we want to arrive at 8 p.m. next year”, he asserted. “I don’t need to say what that means for the stock market listing. Tesla has access to unlimited funds and resources thanks to its high value. These figures are what push me to highlight this new competition, and not to evade it. »

Jobs at risk

According to Diess, Tesla’s productivity and control could ultimately weaken the position of the Volkswagen group. This would be done in particular on jobs, with the obligation to automate production lines to keep up with production rates.

“Yes, I am worried about the factory in Wolfsburg”he continues. “I want your children and grandchildren to still have a secure job with us here in Wolfsburg. »

The factory in question is bearing the brunt of the chip crisis this year. While it was originally supposed to produce 820,000 vehicles, it made less than 500,000.

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