advantages and disadvantages to decide in June!

As you know, at the end of June the ecological bonus will drop by 1000€. To put it simply, it’s a year of insurance contribution that you lose as a bonus if you decide on July 1st. Suddenly, the entire editorial staff of Tesla Mag is mobilizing to help you make your choice in JUNE! In this table, you will find the advantages and disadvantages of acquiring the Tesla Model 3.

@RV1250 future owner of Tesla Model 3 confirms to us via Twitter that to benefit from the Bonus to the maximum, the vehicle must be ordered no later than June 30 and delivered before September 30, 21.

The Tesla model 3, a safe bet?
Advantages Disadvantages
Limited maintenance cost learning curve
Very moderate energy cost Software bugs
Attractive entry-level price Door handle
No fossil fuel exit button
Acceleration and pick-ups Lack of air suspension
Driving assistance Long distances
Regular updates

What are the advantages?

Low maintenance cost. All owners agree that only tires can require maintenance depending on use. Ah if a little windshield washer during the second year.

Low energy cost. Most electric car owners are changing their home electricity rate plan from a traditional plan to a time-of-use plan (See Rates). In my case, the lowest hourly rate is from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am. So I charge my car after 10:00 p.m. every night, which costs €0.11 per kWh. My car has a 75 kWh battery. If I have to charge the whole battery from 0 to 100%, it will cost me €0.11 * 75 = €8.25 for 498 km of range. Compared to gasoline, this is less than a quarter of the cost.

Also, if you have installed solar panels in your home, given that most of us are away from home during the day of Covid!), the extra electricity produced by your solar panels is sold back to the power company at a higher rate due to the time-based pricing plan. To give an example, I consume about 10,000 kWh of electricity per year. My solar panels produce about 8,000 kWh per year. With the time-of-use rate plan, I get a small refund credit from my utility company every year. It is really very advantageous for me!

(Editor’s note: 1 kWp annually produces 900 to 1400 kWh / year depending on the region and exposure, therefore: A 3 kWp installation produces between 2700 kWh and 4200 kWh annually. A 6 kWp installation produces between 5400 kWh and 8400 kWh annually. A 9 kWp installation produces between 8100 kWh and 12600 kWh annually. What is the annual consumption of a household in France?4,535 kWh

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An affordable price. In France, you can get a Tesla Model 3 from 43,800 euros, depending on range, performance, autopilot and other available options. And this, before adding the additional tax incentives that may be applicable to you. In contrast, Tesla’s Model S and X are much more expensive.

No need to refuel. You no longer need to go to the gas station. Each time you go to Leclerc, you can have fun seeing the queue to fill up with gas in order to save a few cents per litre. This will reinforce your belief that buying an electric vehicle was the right decision. Time is money ! Tesla owners simply plug their car into their home setup, and it will charge its batteries at the scheduled time (i.e. 10 p.m.) every night.

Quick acceleration: With a long-range Tesla Model 3, you can experience a new game. It’s not particularly powerful compared to other Tesla models. But whenever you take your friends for a demo ride in your car, have fun driving them to a freeway entrance. You will be able to see their eyes popping out of their sockets, surprised!

Big screen : The Tesla Model 3 has a 15″ screen which is the center of all car operations. The GPS map is from Google. When backing up, the rear view camera is so clear on your screen that it feels like it’s really inadequate to drive a car with a 10″ screen.

Free music: For almost any song you can think of, just say “Play…. and chances are Tesla will find it on the internet and play it for you. You can also enjoy all music services in your car.

OTA update: For all other cars, the features are fixed the day you buy the car and will never change. Teslas receive software updates from time to time over wireless (4G) or wifi, after which your car suddenly has new capabilities. Here are some new features worth mentioning since we’ve been following the news on this car: the dash cam, sentry mode and lane departure warning.

What are the disadvantages?

Learning curve: The Tesla is not a traditional car. It will take you some time to learn all the controls of the car. Luckily, there are plenty of YouTube videos (like this one) you can watch to improve your knowledge. If you feel comfortable using tablets like the iPad, then you can explore all the features of the Tesla Model 3 on the 15″ screen. Give them a little time and you will quickly master most of the essential features.

Software bugs: As we have seen, the Tesla Model 3 is a connected car. Dependent on networks and software that is always being improved, bugs are not uncommon. It happened that I had to restart the operating system (OS) to solve it. You can still drive the car with an OS that restarts, but the apps on the screen are inaccessible while it resets.

Door handle : The door handle is non-traditional. People who take my car for the first time often have difficulty getting into it. I think Tesla designed this special door handle to reduce air resistance. The Model S has a slightly different retracted handle. It’s more sophisticated than the Model 3’s in that when you run your hand over it, the handle pops out automatically. This system is obviously more expensive, which is why Tesla has not implemented it here.

Exit button: When you try to get out of the car, you press a button on the door to open it. It’s quite counter-intuitive, at first. However, the goal is to remove the mechanical controls in the car, so everything can be controlled by software for future human-free autonomous driving.

Driving comfort: The Tesla Model 3 does not have air suspension. My wife’s car, which has air suspension, is much smoother, especially when driving over bumps. However, the comparison may not be fair, as his car cost over $90,000. On the other hand, Model S has air suspension, but it is much more expensive than Model 3.

Driving over long distances: If you drive your car long distances, you need to spend more time on the road to charge your car at Tesla charging stations. I’ve done it several times traveling through California, and Nevada, all the way to Las Vegas. It’s totally doable. At each stop, we recharged for 20 to 30 minutes. Besides that it is recommended to take breaks regularly, it is an opportunity to explore the surroundings. But it takes longer than refueling at a gas station. However, Tesla has a considerable advantage over other electric cars thanks to the network of Superchargers.

What assessment for the Tesla Model 3?

In 2021, Tesla is continuing its policy regarding the Model 3, the most accessible vehicle in its catalog. This 100% electric car has indeed gone, at entry level, from 49,600 to 43,800 €. Beyond the substantial reduction, this makes it eligible for the ecological bonus (of a maximum amount of €7,000) reserved for new vehicles under €45,000 (options included).

All premiums included, the Tesla Model 3 becomes accessible at the price of 36800 €, one of the best quality/price ratios of the moment, and this, until the end of June. This gives serious food for thought.

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