Aid for food purchases approved by Brussels

Aid for food purchases must not exceed €35,000. © Cédric Faimali/GFA

Brussels has approved the aid scheme for food purchases endowed with 400 million euros and promised by the government in mid-March as part of the resilience plan.

The European Commission approved the aid scheme for food purchases proposed by France to support breeders affected by increases in charges, indicates a press release dated May 10, 2022.

As part of the resilience plan, the release of an envelope of 400 million euros had been planned but the device had to be validated by Brussels. The Ministry of Agriculture announced in mid-April that it could concern more than €100,000 for breeders and that this envelope would be supplemented by 89 million euros from the European crisis reserve.

Maximum €35,000 per beneficiary

The French regime is “in accordance with the conditions set out in the temporary crisis framework”, considers the Commission. This aid will constitute State aid. It may not exceed 35,000 euros per beneficiary and must be granted no later than December 31, 2022.

The Commission has already approved several other exceptional support schemes for the agricultural sector affected by the consequences of the war in Ukraine for Poland, Italy and even Spain.

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