All-you-can-eat mussels and fries at the Restaurant Le Point du Jour


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Mélissa and Maxime Ferry have been the happy owners of this restaurant for 13 years.t, much appreciated by lovers of “good French cuisine”. And for good reason, after having been trained at the hotel school of Bar-Le-Duc, Mélissa and Maxime have both proven themselves in a great restaurant in Nancy.

This “well-born” couple, as a certain Pierre Corneille would say, did not wait very long to be able to set up on their own. From the age of 20, the opportunity presented itself to them so that they could exercise their talents within their own restaurant.

the point of the day 3In addition to her pretty smile, Mélissa, at the service, will welcome you with kindness and will install you either in the dining room or on the covered or uncovered terrace; she will not fail to show little attentions towards you and thus ensure your complete satisfaction… Some will call this “customer culture”, and this is what will make all the difference with other catering establishments.

As for Maxime, he is the chef in his kitchen ! In addition to the famous all-you-can-eat mussels and fries that he puts on his menu every day, Maxime only works with fresh produce! Without waiting he will prepare tasty and varied dishes for you, such as fish, scallops, summer salads, fondue, cheese preparations, red or white meat, accompanied, among other things, by vegetables, finely prepared, and what about deserts “house”, worthy of a pastry chef!! Moreover, the complete menu of the day, full box, at only €14.90, you will be guaranteed a lunch at excellent value for money.

the point of the day 2Mélissa and Maxime are committed to further developing their activities and wish to recruit, as soon as possible, a waitress, at 35H, who will support them in their daily life and also an apprentice in the kitchen and in the dining room. So do not hesitate to share this information or to come to the restaurant, if you wish to exercise your professional qualities in excellent working conditions.

Further information :

Restaurant The Point of the Day

Open every midday of the week and evenings on Tuesday and Thursday – Closed on Sunday;

2 place du Point du Jour – 88110 Saint-Dié-Des-Vosges

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Written by: Patricia Ferry-Demange

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