Angoulême: A market to make future cooks aware of short circuits

Why this place? “Students need to be more aware,” insists Daniel Pressac, chef of the restaurant La Granges aux Oies, in Nieul, and architect of the event. Mathieu Bardy, cooking teacher at the training center, continues: “we have to make our young people understand that it’s important to cook with local producers”. Monday should plunge them into the bath of short circuits.

We no longer want to work with local meat.

To experience it on the spot, around twenty apprentice cooks prepared the buffet with food from the producers present. short circuits, “it counts for my personal convictions”, assures Ludivine Cadreau, in CAP. In practice, she notes a major difference with foods from supermarkets. “We no longer want to work with local meat, not to process it”.

In the parking lot, the producers applaud. Claire Jerrethie, from the Dallignac farm, has only one restaurateur among her clients. “It would be interesting to develop”, this clientele, approves the breeder. In addition to orders, a restaurant is also a showcase. “They talk about our products to their customers”, explains Amélia Pires, from the Priollaud cognac house. Matthieu Brudo, chef of the Moulin de la Tardoire, in Montbron, confirms: “We advertise, it reassures the consumer”. And gives visibility to the producer.

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