Apple: AirPods Pro 2 are expected for this fall

Like every Sunday, journalist Mark Gurman is back with his Power On newsletter, in which he releases his latest information, most often concerning Apple. And this week is no exception.

According to the Bloomberg reporter, Apple should offer the highly anticipated AirPods Pro 2 this fall. Remember that the first generation, well received, is a bit dated. The apple brand has not, in fact, offered anything new since 2019. Four years later, the second generation would therefore finally be ready.

On the functional side, previous rumors announce a new design, with an even shorter stem; lossless audio format support; as well as a new charging case.

But it will not be the only audio novelty from Apple this year. Autumn will also be the opportunity to discover, not the second generation of the AirPods Max headphones… but just new colors. Remember that the helmet is a product that also dates, the first version being released in December 2020.

Mark Gurman says no more about it. We should probably not expect a second generation for this year. But the journalist is crossing his fingers for a price drop. Which, admittedly, wouldn’t hurt. The helmet is indeed sold at a far too high price: 629 euros.

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