Apple could soon deliver your groceries

News hardware Apple could soon deliver your groceries

If you find that Apple does not offer enough services, it is possible that a new one is added to the list: home grocery delivery. And with a little extra twist.

Apple may add a new service

Apple is increasingly betting on services as services hit a new revenue record for the first quarter of 2022. This initiative comes from the increase in the life cycle of physical products, which is a good thing for the planet but at the expense of sales.

After many services added in recent years, Apple would prepare a new subscription, and it is Mark Gurman of Bloomberg who says so.

Apple could soon take care of delivering groceries to homes. We already know several applications that offer it, and as often the Cupertino company would not be the first, but should add an interesting added value.

Indeed, the function would be done from the Health application, a native and exclusive app for iPhones. This application already allows you to follow your steps, your kilometers traveled, to add a fairly complete personal health file, and displays all the data from the Apple Watch.

A new step in health for Apple

The idea would be to include nutritional advice and balanced, personalized menus in this service. It is not an easy task to launch this kind of project, and turns out to be much more complicated than what Apple already offers.

Here is the list of paid services that Apple offers:

  • iCloud+
  • AppleMusic
  • AppleTV+
  • Apple Arcade
  • AppleFitness+

All of these services are available in a bundle called Apple One, and if grocery delivery were to see the light of day, it would surely join the others for the full Apple experience.

Of course, it would start first in the United States, but no certainty that it will extend to the rest of the world, in the same way as Apple News+, Apple’s magazine and newspaper service which still does not exist in France.

Apple recently launched Apple Fitness+ for working out, and the health features of the Apple Watch are constantly evolving. It would therefore not be silly for Tim Cook to complete the well-being offer by adding the food dimension.

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