Apple has lost its place as the most valuable company in the world

Apple is no longer the most valuable company in the world since Wednesday, May 11. Cupertino has been dubbed by Saudi Aramco, or by its official name Saudi Arabian Oil Co, the state oil company of Saudi Arabia. When Apple became the most expensive company in the world, in 2020, it was precisely by overtaking the latter.

The economic situation is unfavorable to Apple

This is anecdotal news that perfectly symbolizes the current economic situation. Apple, at the top in January 2022, approaching 3 trillion in market valuations, even spending them for a day, has fallen.

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The company’s share price has since fallen about 20%, while Aramco’s has risen 27%. As of Thursday’s market close, the Saudi company was worth $2.383 billion, Cupertino’s was $2.307 billion.

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The situation at the close on May 12. Credit: CompaniesMarketCap

Saudi Aramco owns almost all of the hydrocarbon resources, the leading oil company in terms of production. It was floated on the stock exchange in Riyadh in 2019. It had then taken the most valuable corporate position from Apple, already.

Since the beginning of 2022 Aramco has been taking full advantage of the increase in the price of crude oil and natural gas, accentuated by the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, explains the growth of the company.

On the other hand, Apple, like other technology companies, is suffering the brunt of inflation and the change in monetary policy of the American Central Bank explains CNBC. The Nasdaq, where the biggest digital companies are listed, lost 25% of its value in 2022.

Apple is also a victim of supply constraints linked to Covid. Its subcontractors in China have repeatedly had to shut down their factories. Cupertino is also sensitive to the shortage of semiconductors. If these difficulties were not felt too much during the year 2021, the accumulation begins to impact, moderately, the company.

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