Apple is testing self-cleaning glasses for its Apple Glasses

A new patent made public by the US Trademark and Patent Office recently tells us a little more about what the Californian firm is trying to develop in the field of… glasses!

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If you have been following us for several months, you know that there is a pair of connected glasses underpinned by augmented reality technologies being prepared in Apple’s laboratories.

We also regularly see patents appearing signed by Apple engineers and protecting ideas and techniques related to the field of helmets and glasses of mixed, augmented and virtual reality.

Self-cleaning, please

The latest patent describes how connected and smart glasses could automatically clean their lenses depending on how dirty they are.

Glasses wearers who read us will understand: cleaning your glasses lenses is a practice that requires regularity and a certain care, otherwise you will see even more blurred than without correction.

The technical paper signed Apple precisely insists on the particular importance of clean glasses, especially in the case where these incorporate high-resolution screens. The idea described is therefore to integrate a system into the frame capable of eliminating any dust on the lens, using vibration.

image patent anti-dust system apple glasses

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In addition, the elements surrounding the glasses should be made in such a way as to obtain properties of retention. The idea is to capture and block unwanted elements to prevent them from migrating back to the glasses after cleaning.

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