Apple pedestrians to map all of Luxembourg

The Cupertino company wants to make up for the significant delay accumulated against Google Maps and others.

Mobility in Luxembourg

Simon Laurent MARTIN

The Cupertino company wants to make up for the significant delay accumulated against Google Maps and others.

Luxembourg is one of the few European countries where Apple is dominant in terms of smartphones. Indeed, 55% of Luxembourg phones are products of the famous apple brand, the rest being phones running Android (Samsung, Xiami, Oppo, etc.). In short, the Luxembourg market represents a real goose that lays golden eggs for Apple, which must be able to satisfy its grand-ducal public. However, the American giant is experiencing some delays in several areas, in particular for everything related to its navigation application called “Apple Plans”.

ARCHIV - 24.11.2021, Niedersachsen, Oldenburg: Eine Frau hält ihr Handy in der Hand, auf dem die Facebook-App zu sehen ist.  Photo: Mohssen Assanimoghaddam/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

The EU is about to strike a deal to secure the internet by empowering digital platforms.

This currently pales in comparison to the behemoths of Google Maps and Waze. This is how Apple decided to catch up and relaunch a complete and precise mapping of European countries. Since April 25, an employee of the Cupertino company has been walking the streets, parks and historic sites of the Grand Duchy, carrying an imposing backpack containing several cameras. These allow 360° shots. Similar work is also being done in France. In Germany, users already have this new version of “Maps”.

Many new features

Apple says the app will eventually offer iOS device owners a completely redesigned navigation app with new 3D landmarks, street-level photography, improved navigation and coverage. more detailed route.

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After years of conquering users at high speed, streaming giant Netflix lost 200,000 subscribers worldwide in the first quarter compared to the end of 2021, and it expects to lose even more in the spring.

The telephony giant also explains that updates to the locations will be made periodically. “This, in order to collect new data to keep high quality plans up to date”, specifies the brand. “Other pedestrian recordings are made with iPads, iPhones or other devices to improve the shots. These pedestrian recordings allow us to improve and update the Maps app in areas where vehicles simply cannot go while using the same privacy protections as Apple Maps vehicles.

To protect your privacy

Apple is also committed to protecting the privacy of onlookers and residents during these field studies. “Thus, no faces or license plates will be identifiable in the images published in the 360º view”.

So if you have any questions or comments about this process, your privacy rights, or if you would like to request that a face, license plate, or your own home not be identified, you can contact Apple via the email address [email protected].

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