Apple removed nearly 3 million apps in six years from the App Store

The App Store contains a myriad of apps for iPhone and iPad, and as everyone knows, Apple is in charge of running the store. Which sometimes involves cleaning up!

Since 2016, Apple has removed 2.8 million apps from the App Store. The manufacturer must indeed ensure that the users of its devices benefit from the best possible experience, and this requires regular sweeps aimed at removing obsolete applications or which no longer work as they should.

Additional time to update old apps

In an article aimed at iOS developers, Apple explains that this work is necessary for the applications to work for the majority of users ” and support the latest security and privacy innovations “. This allows the App Store to distribute high-quality, easy-to-find apps. Outdated apps are cluttering the shelves for nothing…

This article was published after a heated argument between Apple and the developers. Some of them have indeed received e-mails from the manufacturer in recent weeks demanding updates to their applications and games. However, in many cases, it is a waste of time and resources for many developers: ” It’s not cool. Console games from the 2000s are still on sale “, notes one of these developers.

To avoid a new storm, Apple has therefore decided to communicate clearly on the criteria which condition the deletion of an application. Those that haven’t been updated in the past three years and don’t exceed a minimum download threshold are emailed to the developers to update them.

Apple is also making a gesture of appeasement. In the original message, the manufacturer requests that the update be made within 30 days. He now gives 90 days to complete the operation.

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