Apple Watch owner caught in Apple-FedEx imbroglio

An American, owner of an Apple Watch, found himself in a rather complex case recently. When returning his defective Apple Watch, as part of the AppleCare + program, he was charged $ 328 because Apple claimed to have never received the package. Fortunately, everything ended up being back to normal.

A story to bang your head against the wall!

The unusual story of the day comes to us once again from the United States. Massachusetts resident Vic Son found himself in a complicated case that no Apple customer would wish on.

This owner of an Apple Watch decided to use the Apple Care+ service, the premium Apple warranty, when he realized that his connected watch flocked with a bitten apple was no longer charging 100% even though it had been purchased just four months ago.

After receiving a brand new Apple Watch, he took care of sending back his current watch, the one that was no longer working properly. He obviously respected the time allowed by the brand, namely two weeks.

Problem, Apple charged him $328 on his credit card a few days later. Being surprised, the man contacted customer service to find out what the problem was. A person supposed to find a solution simply replied that Apple had never received the package and that the fees that apply in this case had been taken directly from its bank.

Despite a long explanation, the man was rebuffed by customer service and was asked to contact the competent department of FedEx, the company in charge of transmitting the package. After more than an hour and thirty minutes of waiting, he was only asked to file a written complaint.

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You see it coming, this claim will have been useless because FedEx rejected its request on the pretext that it was indicated in the delivery contract that the sender “agrees not to file a claim in the event of a problem during delivery of the parcel”. Information written in the very small invisible lines, you know…

Finding himself at an impasse, Son decided to use the last resort method, contact an influential media. It is also for this reason that the Boston Globe shared this story with us. The newspaper itself took the lead and questioned FedEx to find out why and how.

An approach that paid off because the response was much more complete than during his first call, which lasted more than an hour and a half. Then, the journalist contacted Apple by email as a professional. Victory, the answer was finally positive.

The Apple employee confirmed that customer service was wrong to suggest that he contact FedEx customer service himself to resolve the issue. Just 48 hours later, the $328 was back in his bank account. The kind of story that we all have more or less experienced once in our lives.

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