Apple would work hard on services (rental, deferred payment, health, Mail+, Podcast+, etc.)

In his newsletter Sunday, Mark Gurman is looking at services today! Remember he was one of the first (if not the first) to mention Apple TV +, Apple Fitness + or even Apple One. According to his highly reliable crystal ball, Cupertino would therefore plan several improvements for Apple Fitness+ and Apple Pay this year, as well as a new offer integrated into the Health application..

On the financial side, it would always be a question of a hardware subscription program, which would take the form of a simple lease over several years (without purchase option). According to the latest rumors, it could concern the iPhone, the iPad or the Mac and would pass via the Apple ID and its account on the App Store. Although the firm has been working on this project for months, it would have apparently set aside (end of 2022 or 2023, see suspended without fixed date for the moment) to focus on a new Apple Pay offer. It would be an immediate purchase service with deferred payment for Apple Pay transactions, a kind of payment in installments (with or without interest?).

In the near future, Apple plans to add new workout types to Apple Fitness+ with iOS 16 later this year (they could also be unveiled at WWDC). Apple would also have explored the offer of a Instacart-like service focused on nutritional data and integrated with the Health app. For the journalist, this option would be relatively easy to implement and could be very quickly operational. He added that he also hoped for substantial upgrades at the level of Apple TV+, or other existing services – according to certain analysts whose Wolf Ventures– like Podcasts+, Stocks+, Mail+ or Health+. In short, more!

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