Apple’s AirTag sends fake spy alerts

Apple’s beacon, released a year ago, would annoy many owners who receive alarms from their own product in the middle of the night.

Apple has developed an alert system when an AirTag is used to track you, but this alarm is not yet fully developed. According to Wall Street Journal, beacons go off for no reason and confuse their owner.

Launched last year, the AirTag can be spotted on your iPhone or starts ringing if there is no smartphone nearby for an extended period. The idea is to deter AirTags from being used to track people without their consent.

When a person receives an alert, they are supposed to know where the beacon is and how long it has been placed. Except that false alarms generally occur in the middle of the night and have multiplied in recent weeks. Ghost Alert maps show a pattern with straight red lines starting from the user’s location.

On Reedit, a user asks “Can we stop harassment alerts from our own AirTag? Source: Numerama

Loss of confidence in product safety

The journalist says that this is not the only bug since his own AirTag would have alerted him several times to harassment. Several users have reported a similar experience on Reddit. In the WSJ article, owners say these alerts get on their nerves — especially when they don’t seem to have found an AirTag on them.

In another case, a user said they couldn’t force the supposedly unknown AirTag to make a sound and the FindMy app said the tag was unreachable. The journalist’s product would have suffered the same bugs.

These false alarms undermine user confidence in the AirTag’s security system. In an article by US news outlet The Verge, domestic violence experts said too many ghost alerts could be dangerous, as users could become desensitized to notifications meant to keep them safe.

Apple would work on this bug and should deploy an update for these products.

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