Are vegetarian children as healthy as those who eat meat?

In a study carried out by FranceAgriMer in 2020, 79% of French people think that you have to eat meat to be healthy. This survey of adults did not mention children, but scientists have wondered. children vegetarians are they as healthy as those who eat meat?

To answer this, they followed 8,907 children, aged 2 years on average at the start of the investigations. Among them, 248 followed a vegetarian diet. Several biological parameters such as BMIthe weight-to-age ratio, the amount of lipidsferritin and 25-hydroxyvitamin D in the blood gave scientists insight into the overall health status of children.

The results of the study published in Pediatrics indicate that there is no significant difference in the parameters followed between the children vegetarians and the omnivores. Vegetarian children grow just as well as those who eat meat. On the other hand, they are at an increased risk of being underweight – but that does not mean that all vegetarian children necessarily will be. These results should be confirmed by other independent studies.


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