Ask us your questions about the Nutri-Score!

When you go shopping, you are certainly used to coming across this little colorful logo. The Nutri-Score, affixed to the front of packaging, informs consumers about the nutritional quality of products by assigning them a score ranging from A to D. Dark green, for the most favorable products from a nutritional point of view , to red, for those who are less so.

A tool that sometimes plagues industrialists. In a survey published on Wednesday, our partner UFC-Que Choisir demonstrated the inaccuracy of the arguments of many industrialists, according to which the Nutri-Score stigmatizes French local products, systematically giving them a bad mark.

With all this, you may be a little lost about the Nutri-Score, and some questions you may have remain unanswered. It is for this reason that, for the production of the next Consumer Brief, we invite you to submit all your questions to us about this nutritional labeling system. An expert from UFC-Que Choisir will answer it in a future video.

Would you like to know what criteria the Nutri-Score is based on to assign its scores? Why do some products show it and others don’t? Are you wondering whether to banish a product rated D or E from your diet? If the presence of Nutri-Score can (and should) encourage manufacturers to prepare healthier recipes? Want to know if a product that has already been rated may see its rating change after some time?

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