baby milk shortage turns political crisis for Biden

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The United States faces a shortage of baby milk powder. And this shortage is turning into a political crisis for Joe Biden. Accused of inaction, the White House claims to do its best, but warns that this powdered milk crisis is likely to last.

With our correspondent in Miami, David Thomson

It’s the only food for the majority of American babies, but on supermarket shelves cans of milk are increasingly hard to find. Nearly half are estimated to be out of stock in the United States. The result is panic for many families, especially the poorest and in the middle of the campaign for the mid-term elections. The Republicans are firing red bullets at the Biden administration, accused of not having anticipated enough.

The government wants to take control

It must be said that this shortage is not new. It is partly explained by the lack of labor and the disruption of supply chains due to the pandemic, but also by the closure in February of a huge factory of the manufacturer Abbott in Michigan after a milk recall. suspected of having caused the death of 2 babies. But Abbott is one of the 3 groups that controls 95% of the production of infant formula in the United States.

Since Thursday, the White House has been trying to react, Joe Biden has spoken by telephone with the supermarket giants, he promises to import more milk powder from Europe, but warns families in disarray. The shortage is expected to continue a few weeks “.

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