blow for the Greens, the CNOSF has delivered its verdict

Zapping Foot National Top 10 Gambardella Cup winners

It’s a blow for AS Saint-Etienne in view of its last home match scheduled for Saturday evening during the 37th day of Ligue 1. While the Greens are still in the place of play-off and fight for their survival in Ligue 1 at the end of this 2021-2022 season, they will not be able to count on their public on Saturday evening during the match against Stade de Reims given that the CNOSF has decided not to be lenient and to leave behind closed doors for this match of the penultimate day of Ligue 1.

The COSF leaves behind closed doors

A camera which is due to the events that took place during the match against Monaco on April 23. As the Green Angels celebrated their 30th anniversary, numerous smoke bombs were cracked, causing the game to be interrupted twice. The Greens, who were under a suspended sentence, therefore saw this sanction lifted but they tried to have it lightened by the CNOSF on Monday. Only, the French National Olympic and Sports Committee did not hear it that way and kept the camera closed. Sanction which therefore absolutely does not help the affairs of the men of Pascal Dupraz with a view to the objective of maintaining Ligue 1.

The CNOSF delivers its verdict for Saint-Etienne

Hard blow for Saint-Etienne in view of its last home match with the CNOSF which has just given its verdict on this subject on Monday. Thus, the match of the Greens against Stade de Reims during the 37th day on Saturday evening will be behind closed doors.

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