Cakes, chocolates… Sweet pleasures at the top of the favorite brands of the French

St Michel biscuits are at the top of the ranking, ahead of Lindt chocolates and Amora condiments.

The French like to eat. And not necessarily the healthiest products. This is what emerges from the 2022 Observatory of the French Favorite Brand label, unveiled on Thursday at an event organized by the Union des Marques. He “confirms the dominance of food brands in the Top 30 with a preponderance of brands related to sweet and savory pleasures“, indicate in a press release published Monday the authors of the Observatory, who surveyed 4900 French people out of 1300 brands.

It’s very simple, in the top 30 brands with the highest approval rate, 26 are food brands. With St Michel biscuits number one, ahead of Lindt chocolates and Amora condiments. La Laitière yoghurts and desserts and Panzani pasta complete the top 5.

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More generally, the top 30 gives pride of place to cakes, biscuits, chocolates, ice creams, desserts and other yogurts, with also the presence in the list of Danone (for natural yogurts, 6th), Lu (7th), Milka (8th ), Bonne Maman (10th), Carte d’Or (11th), Andros (16th), Nestlé Dessert (17th), Côte d’Or (18th), Magnum (19th) and Ferrero Rocher (20th). “Pleasure is acclaimed by the French, linked to the post-crisis recovery of Covid-19commented Claire Doin, partner at French Preferred Brand. Savory gourmet products are not to be outdone, with Petit Navire (12th), Barilla (13th), Lustucru (14th) or President (22nd) in the list.

French brands in force

Also noteworthy is the progression this year of home equipment brands, such as Tefal (from 28th in 2021 to 9th) and Moulinex (entering the top 30 this year, in 27th position). “It’s linked to the fact that we returned home a lot during the Covid crisis.“says Claire Doin. “And then these are brands that have a positioning close to the French or accessible“.

Characteristics appreciated by the French. “Trust and proximity are the two criteria that most favor attachment to brands for the French“, indeed note the authors of the study. This is why we find a large majority of French brands in the list. “The French are attached to French brands, a trend that is even more marked this year», Analyzes Claire Doin. If this sensitivity to local and “made in France” existed before the pandemic, “it has increased since last year, and has persisted since, even in the post-Covid crisis“.

In addition, additional rankings have been created for this edition, relating to the image associated with brands (useful, committed, transparent, trustworthy, close to me, accessible). It is Decathlon which thus arrives at the top of the brands which generate a feeling of closeness. Kärcher wins the award for trust, Doctolib that for usefulness (ahead of Google) and the Green Tree the award for commitment.

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