10 Years of Google DMCA Notice Transparency

Exactly ten years ago, Google expanded its transparency report with a new section dedicated to DMCA takedown requests. For the first time, outsiders could see which URLs copyright holders were targeting and in what quantity. The decision to make this information public was partly triggered by a rapid increase in requests for removal. This had … Read more

Epic Games wins case against Google

Bandcamp, a site specializing in music and owned by Epic Games since March, has just won its case in the dispute between it and Google. The latter concerns the new billing policy implemented by the firm within the Google Play Store. Google’s new billing policy goes wrong Indeed, Google has decided to put an end … Read more

Google is recruiting new talent to lead its team dedicated to Web 3.0

Google is hiring a marketing director It’s not really new, Google Cloud is interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology for several months. Alphabet subsidiary is now looking for a new candidate to direct its marketing strategy and make the transition to Web 3.0. In a recently published job posting, Google Cloud announces the opening of … Read more

The Russian branch of Google files for bankruptcy after receiving heavy fines – CarnetdeBord

Google’s Russian branch files for bankruptcy after facing heavy fines; Questioned by ZDNet, a network of websites specializing in technology news, Google confirmed on May 18 their intention to file for bankruptcy after large fines imposed by the Kremlin led to the freezing of its local bank account. In its obsession with digital sovereignty, especially … Read more

How to Use Google Docs Page Break

This article explains how to create page breaks in Google Docs on desktop and mobile app. Google Docs makes it easy to create a page break. The fastest way is to use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Enter. Otherwise, go to the Insert menu. Sélectionnez l’endroit du document où vous souhaitez placer le saut de page. Si … Read more

To celebrate its 15th anniversary, Google Street View makes the impossible possible

Fifteen years and 400 times around the Earth later, Google Street view still promises great years of innovation. In addition to the more pronounced use of artificial intelligence and augmented reality, the tool of the American giant opens up to new places to discover. Because for fifteen years, Google Street View has captured more than … Read more

Google wants to file for bankruptcy in Russia, but continues to offer its services for free – SEO & Engine News

Google Russia could file for bankruptcy following the blocking of the company’s accounts by the country’s government. A new stage in the current fight between the Kremlin and the firm of Mountain View… Google recently indicated that its bank accounts in Russia had been seized by the government of Vladimir Putin and that the first … Read more