its price exceeds €50,000 in France!

On Tesla’s French online store, the Model 3 now exceeds the €50,000 mark, and can go up to nearly €65,000! Explanations. A pioneer in the era of the electric vehicle, the Tesla Model 3 has enjoyed resounding success in recent years. But since the start of the component shortage, the Californian manufacturer has more and … Read more

In the event of a storm, the Teslas will better calculate their autonomy

For once, an update to the Tesla fleet of vehicles improves the customer experience. This time, it concerns the on-board navigation, and more particularly the estimated autonomy according to the climatic conditions. Source: Cameron Earl via Unsplash The trip planner built into Tesla vehicles makes it easy to plan a long trip. Charging sessions at … Read more

With its system allowing you to take your hands off the wheel, Mercedes wants to overtake Tesla on self-driving cars

One more level in the autonomy of cars. Mercedes-Benz will market in Germany in mid-May vehicles equipped with the “Drive Pilot” system allowing level 3 to be reached with, in certain circumstances, the possibility of taking your hands off the wheel, checking your emails or watching a film… This system will be offered to buyers … Read more

Cathie Wood buys more into Tesla

Ark Investthe company headed by Cathie Woodacquired stakes in Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) for the second consecutive day on Tuesday, after having resumed investing in the leader in electric vehicles. The title plunged 37% in one month due to production problems in China and the takeover offer from Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) for $44 billion advanced by … Read more

VE: the really expensive ID.Buzz, 100-year-old batteries at Tesla and the suspended eco bonus

During the campaign, Emmanuel Macron had expressed the wish not to discourage customers from going electric, implying that the ecological bonuses would be maintained this year. But since then, no more news: on July 1, electric cars under €45,000 could not scoop only 5000 € against 6000 until then. And between €45,000 to €60,000, the … Read more

why delivery times might improve slightly

The Shanghai Gigafactory, which supplies Tesla Model 3s to European customers, is resuming a production rate worthy of the name after 22 days of closure and several weeks in slow motion. Which, in the long term, could perhaps impact the delivery times which have become very long. Tesla Model 3 // Source: Unsplash Regular price … Read more