Maps: augmented reality routes arrive in Japan after the USA and Europe

Tokyo has joined the tiny list of major cities for which Maps can use augmented reality when routing. Arrived with iOS 15, this function called “Pedestrian routes in augmented reality” displays arrows on the images of the streets that your iPhone films live to show you in real time the directions to take. In some … Read more

TotalEnergies strengthens its position in renewables in the United States

(AOF) – TotalEnergies jumped 4.4% to 54.6 euros, supported by rising energy prices. Investors also welcome the group’s significant investment in renewables in the United States. The major, which now presents itself as “multi-energy”, has signed agreements with Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) for the acquisition of 50% of Clearway Energy Group (CEG), the 5th American … Read more

Two years after George Floyd, the frescoes have disappeared, the illusions too

“This May 25 marks two years since the sinister murder of George Floyd,” this 46-year-old African-American whose agony, under the knee of white policeman Derek Chauvin, filmed and widely broadcast, had caused a real shock wave in a jaded American society “by the incessant and redundant litany of murders of black citizens”, notes the columnist … Read more

United States: the specter of recession

L’Shares of US retail giant Target plunged 38% in one month on the New York Stock Exchange. Investors are worried about the consequences of inflation, which has reached record levels in the United States for forty years (8.3% in April), on household consumption and, consequently, on the future profits of the business. Faced with soaring … Read more