Cherbourg. Laur’Asia, Japanese culinary specialties to succeed Pily

Pierre Marion and Laura Croisy in the kitchen of the former Pily, which will become Laur’Asia, in Cherbourg (Manche). (© Nicolas LEPIGEON)

“I didn’t want this place, created with my wife Lydie 15 years ago, becomes a commercial wasteland. I am very attached to it, as well as to the Main Street where the atmosphere is very good with the neighbors. » Pierre Marion, the starred chef of Pily in Cherbourg (Manche), moved to the old harbor master’s office, at the level of the swing bridge. And as this project progressed, he was already thinking about the future of his first establishment honored by the Michelin Guide.

Of the many people he has trained in his kitchen, Laura Croisy seemed to correspond to the ideal profile: young (she will be 30 in July), attentive to advice, rigorous, experienced with a diversified background, and… trained in Japanese culinary specialtieswhich he loves.

In high-end restaurants

Born in Cherbourg, Laura Croisy did her apprenticeship at La Gourmandine in Équeurdreville, then her two years of professional patent at Pily. She then chained experiences locally (La Marine à Carteret du temps de Laurent Cesne), like on the other side of the world. ” I worked one year in australia. It’s interesting to discover other cultures and other ways of working,” says the young woman, who also returned to Le Pily for two years as an employee.

It is in Geneva that she will soak up the Japanese gastronomic culture, with a great sushi chef, in a restaurant within the luxury hotel Four Seasons.

“You have to work ten years alongside a Japanese master to be able to claim to become a master in turn. You have to earn their trust and respect. Japanese cuisine is truly excellence: the accuracy of cooking the rice to have the perfect consistency, the way to wash it, drain it and store it, the balance between fish or shellfish and vinegar rice (which is not too sweet), the seasoning…”

Peter MarionPatron of the Pily

“This experience Geneva, from 2017 to 2020, I liked it a lot, confides the Cherbourgeoise. I then worked at Megeve (Haute-Savoie), still at the Four Seasons, with another Japanese master. Contact with Pierre Marion was never broken, especially during the closure of restaurants due to Covid-19, when he had launched the take-out sale of his “qualitative sushi”.

Sushi, maki, nigiri, temaki, sashimi…

Laura Croisy will therefore launch into the deep end, with her ideas. “For the moment, it will not be table service: there will be a shop counter at the entrance. Customers can order for take away or eat in : there will be a few tables and chairs, and high tables. »

Sushis, makis, nigiri, temakis and sashimi will therefore delight lovers of Japanese cuisine, with their different flavors: Cherbourg salmon, mackerel, sea bass, cuttlefish, squid, whelks, moussette, spider crab, brown crab, lobster…

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“The recipes will change regularly, and will adapt to the arrivals of local wholesalers and fishermen. There will also be vegetarian sushi with vegetables, and a grocery corner with quality Japanese products: rice, sake, desserts…”

Laura CroisyLaur’Asia

Laur’Asia will open a little before the summer of 2022, after the redevelopment of the establishment, which will welcome customers from Tuesday to Saturday.

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