Chris Paul’s family jostled by a Mavericks fan!

The relationship between fans and players is a subject that is causing a lot of noise in these 2022 Playoffs. We notably had the Kyrie Irving and Draymond Green episodes, and unfortunately we just had a new one last night. Chris Paul, Suns All-Star and former Players Association boss, complained after a fan… pushed family members sitting in the stands. We take stock.

As we know, when it’s time for the Playoffs, the intensity goes up a notch because the stakes are becoming clearer and the title is getting closer. Among the fans too, who come to give voice to encourage their team. Unfortunately, this sometimes causes some drifts. Tonight, during an intense Mavericks – Suns, Chris Paul’s mom and wife – present behind the Phoenix bench – were pushed around by a young Dallas fan according to ESPNall this under the eyes of the two children of CP3 and on Mother’s Day in addition. An obviously shameful and more than reprehensible behavior. The leader of the Suns very logically went to say two words to the “supporter” in question before he released. No but oh!

The reaction was quick to fall via the Suns leader’s Twitter account. “You want to fine players who say things to the fans but the fans can lay their hands on our families. Fuck!! » She raises a very interesting point of recent NBA regulations that we had already talked about in a Kyrie Irving file. One has the impression that the fans allow themselves more and more to cross the limit of trashtalk and insult, while the players take a financial praline signed Adan Silver when they respond to supporters who are a little too insolent. With this event which involves the former boss of the players’ association and whose professionalism is no longer to be proven, the debate could therefore legitimately open up more widely. In addition to attacking the historic Chris Paul, this attack targeted two of his physical relatives, a milestone since the observed increase in muscular exchanges between supporters and players. The reaction of the management of the League will therefore be eagerly awaited by everyone. On the Mavericks side, we obviously condemned the behavior of this fan, who we hope will be punished properly. Kind of with a proper banishment.

We’re going to be very, very attentive to all of this and watch for Adam Silver’s response to this case. Hustle the mother and wife of a player, where are we seriously? Trashtalking is ok, as long as it’s based on what’s happening on the pitch. But here, the limit has very clearly been crossed. We entered the universe of bullshit.

Source: Twitter @CP3/ESPN

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