Death of Antoine Alléno, son of the famous three-star chef Yannick Alléno in a dramatic accident in Paris

This is dramatic news that has just touched one of the most famous chefs in French and international gastronomy. Yannick Alléno, three-star cook and restaurateur, has, according to our colleagues from Figaro, lost his son Antoine, who died on Sunday May 8 in an accident in Paris in the seventh arrondissement. The young man was reportedly hit by a fugitive in a stolen vehicle, reports Le Figaro according to consistent sources.

The facts would have occurred shortly after 11 p.m. when a man stole a luxury vehicle, an Audi RS6, then fled. Despite the fact that he was not chased by a police vehicle in pursuit, he hit a VTC and a scooter, both stopped at a red light near Bosquet Avenue. The driver of the scooter was therefore Antoine Alléno. The celebrity chef’s son died at the scene. Suffering from multiple bruises, the passenger of the scooter and the driver of the VTC were transported to the hospital but their vital prognosis would not be engaged.

After the accident, the driver of the stolen vehicle fled on foot before being quickly arrested by an off-duty police officer from the DSPAP (local security department of the Paris agglomeration, editor’s note). The investigation was sent to the STJA (service for the legal treatment of accidents, editor’s note). According to a police source and our colleagues from Figaro, the suspect was wanted, in particular for drunk driving.

Less known than his illustrious dad, Antoine Alléno had chosen to follow in the culinary footsteps of his eldest. Learning the trade at his side, he was also on the verge of becoming a chef. Last summer, father and son had notably launched a high-end hamburger in the Allénothèque restaurant located in the seventh arrondissement of the capital. Beyond his prestigious tables, Yannick Alléno is also known to the general public for regularly participating in Top chef on M6.


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