Dismantling of the right to abortion in the United States, obligation to wear the burqa for Afghan women, Nupes… Coco crunches the news

The week of our designer.

Monday, May 9

In Afghanistan, the hard wing of the Taliban imposes the full veil on women

After having banned young girls from colleges and high schools, the movement decreed, on Saturday, the wearing of the burqa in public. One more ultra-conservative measure since his return to power, in contradiction to the less rigorous speeches made during negotiations with the United States.

Friday, May 6

Nupes: the main points of convergence on the program

The New Popular Ecologist and Social Union, bringing together rebels, socialists, ecologists and communists for the legislative elections, will formally see the light of day on Saturday in Aubervilliers. This week, the four parties agreed – not without difficulty – on the common ideas to be defended.

Thursday May 5

“Pro-life”, the hypocritical sermon of the American right

Justifying their anti-abortion crusade with a fierce defense of “life”, the ultra-conservative Christian Americans systematically oppose any measure that would improve the daily lives of families, especially the most precarious, keeping the country in a state of decrepitude. social.

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