Embark on gourmet barbecues on the water an hour from Brussels

Whether you’re more or less a fan of new experiences, you’d have to be a bit of a killjoy not to join boats that offer both boat trips and grills to be made directly on the plancha. For two hours, you float on the water aboard a mini electric boat that also serves as a barbecue. It’s intimate since you can accommodate six people and no more. And it’s autonomous, since you decide the direction while tasting your meat.

The video of the day :

On the menu ? The meat dishes of your choice, vegetables to grill as well and delicious desserts to close it all. Drinks can also be ordered on site via a QR code. Just sail to the pier to pick them up. In short, everything has been planned to have a real good time. In addition, we enjoy the beautiful surrounding environment.

Of course, you remain dependent on the Belgian weather. It is therefore a question of being a fine tactician (or diviner) when booking. But with the weather forecast right now, it’s now or never to try the experiment. What we especially like is the wide variety of formulas offered. You can come for breakfast (7am to 9am), brunch (10am to 12pm), lunch (1pm to 3pm), early dinner (4pm to 6pm) or later dinner (7pm to 9pm) . Finally, to enjoy the sunset, there is the last formula “late at night” from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m.

You can choose to opt for a menu with only meat, or for a “surf and turf” which combines red meat and seafood or even for a vegetarian version. The price is €79 per person.


Where ? Sport Vlaanderen, Vorselaarsebaan 60, 2200 Herentals

For more info, go to boatbq.be

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