Fire in a restaurant rue Jules Broeren in Anderlecht

A fire broke out on Wednesday around 5 p.m. in the kitchen of a restaurant located rue Jules Broeren in Anderlecht, Brussels firefighter spokesman Walter Derieuw said in the evening.

The fire started in the smoke extractor and the kitchen exhaust pipes. It spread through the wooden floor above, on the first floor. The room in question was used as a storage place in the restaurant.
The second and third floors of the building were inhabited. The occupants were evacuated without any particular difficulty. They were able to return to their homes once the fire was extinguished and the premises ventilated.

The damage in the apartment, mainly in the kitchen, is relatively significant. Gas and electricity had to be cut off. The restaurant will have to remain closed for a while.

Walter Derieuw reminds restaurateurs that it is important to clean the extraction pipes regularly, because the grease that accumulates there can catch fire. However, the cause of the fire has yet to be determined. It is of accidental origin.

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