Fontainebleau. Le Mansart restaurant has changed everything

A new team that has decided to open the restaurant all year round, and no longer just during the tourist season (©RSM77/GT)

It is a bellifontaine institution, located just opposite the castle which is experiencing a nice facelift: the mansard has new owners in Fontainebleau (Seine-et-Marne), and is ready to start the tourist season after renovation works.

We chose Le Mansart for its location, which is simply magnificent.. We worked in Fontainebleau in very beautiful brasseries, beautiful places, but honestly every day we realize that we have a huge chance of working opposite the castle,” says Jérôme Tondeleir, manager of the Mansard.
Known for being an establishment operating mainly during the tourist period, the new owners have decided to make the establishment live, eventually, throughout the year.

“The goal is to rediscover this address to the people of the region. We want to welcome people in summer and winter, improve the quality of the cuisine and our offer on the menu,” he continues.

Do not only attract tourists

And for that, they did not skimp on the means. Early Januarythey launched work that lasted two months to rehabilitate the premises.

“We knocked down all the partitions, we tripled the size of the kitchen to be able to make a more varied menu and for the comfort of the cooks. We changed the location of the bar, we went to disabled standards. From floor to ceiling, everything has been redone. We wanted something practical and aesthetically at the height of the castle,” says Émilie Beerens, co-manager.

The couple, who worked for a long time in the big breweries in the city center, want to rediscover this place for local customers. Bought on October 1st, Le Mansart reopened following the works on April 1st.

Customers expect real service here in Fontainebleau. From 7 p.m., we have the parking lot next door which is free. We want the customer to be satisfied and to come back. We also want tourists, even if they won’t necessarily come back, to have good memories of their visit to Fontainebleau,” emphasizes Jérôme Tondeleir.

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With 60 seats inside and 80 outside, the brasserie has the largest terrace in town. An asset and not the least because the view directly overlooks the castle.
“We could put more people outside, but the goal is for people to feel good so we try to space out the tables, so that they are comfortable. In terms of surface area, we have the largest terrace but we focus on the comfort of people and staff. That’s the charm of this terrace,” adds Émilie Beerens.

On the catering side, The Mansard wants to be very classic: crocs, burgers, savory pancakes, grilled meats, fish, a dish of the day that changes every day and even a vegetarian offer.

What to become a new “place to be” in Fontainebleau?
“If the locals want to change a little and see something else, we are ready to welcome them so that they can form an opinion! concludes Jerome.

The Mansard, place du Général de Gaulle, open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Sunday, closed on Tuesday. Facebook: “Lemansart Fontainebleau”. Instagram: lemansartfontainebleau. Website

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