For whom, how much, under what conditions, how will the food check promised by Macron be paid?

Promised by Emmanuel Macron during the presidential campaign, the food check should see the light of day soon to help low-income households fill their shopping carts. What are its outlines?

During the presidential campaign, Emmanuel Macron promised to help the most vulnerable people in the face of soaring prices with a food check. The government wants to target the French in food insecurity. That is to say, those who already receive food aid, but also students in precarious situations and workers with modest incomes. Eight million French people would be affected.

Inflation concerns in particular food products. On March 22, 2022, on France Bleu, Emmanuel Macron announced his wish to see “put in place a food voucher to help the most modest households and the middle classes to cope with these additional costs, to also encourage them to buy on the short circuit and to buy French”. He had already mentioned this proposal fifteen days earlier in Poissy (Yvelines), during the first public meeting of his campaign for the presidential election.

The form not yet decided

According to the Minister of Agriculture, the aid could represent 50 to 60 € per month. Cheque, credit card, or bank transfer, the form is not fixed, as are the terms of payment, monthly or once a year. The amount could be distributed either by the family allowance fund or directly by the Ministry of Finance. The powerful agricultural union FNSEA offers a device that would allow you to spend 5 euros a day.

What expenses can be incurred?

To encourage a balanced diet, the government could favor the purchase of fruits and vegetables. The main agricultural union asks that this aid can be spent elsewhere than in mass distribution, in particular on the markets and directly with small producers.

Many terms remain to be defined. The measure could be one of the first of the new Assembly, with a text presented at the beginning of July.

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