FOX and USA would like the exclusivity of certain Superstars

Photo credit: WWE

With the unification of the Universal Championship and the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 38, rumors began about the possibility of having the RAW and Smackdown rosters merged soon. On top of that, RAW superstars have started appearing on Smackdown and vice versa, bolstering the theory.

However, all sources have been saying for some time now that merging rosters is not a priority for WWE at all. On the contrary, the rosters should remain as they are and a Draft should take place soon. In addition to this information, Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer adds that FOX and USA Network – the television networks which broadcast Smackdown and RAW respectively in the United States, want exclusivity for certain talents.

The journalist specifies that it is mainly FOX which claims this, but that the two channels want a roster unique to the show they broadcast. Thus, it is probable that the exchanges of Superstars will decrease soon, in particular with regard to Roman Reigns, most certainly concerned by the exclusivity claimed by FOX.

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