Funeral of Antoine Alléno: Jean-François Piège, Alain Ducasse… the family of gastronomy in support

Less than a week after the tragic death of Antoine Alléno, his relatives had an appointment at the collegiate church of Notre-Dame de Poissy, in the Yvelines, for his funeral. An extremely painful moment for the family, his dad Yannick Alléno, his mom Laurence and his big brother Thomas. This last goodbye, the Allénos lived it very surrounded.

The large family of French gastronomy, very mobilized since the death of Antoine which occurred on May 8 in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, responded present. Jean-François Piège accompanied by his wife Elodie, Christophe Michalak, supported by his wife Delphine, Marc Veyrat, Alain Ducasse, Babette de Rozières, Guy Savoy and his partner Sonia Mabrouk, Frédéric Anton… They were all there in Notre – Lady of Poissy.

The driver who killed Antoine indicted

The driver who fatally hit Antoine Alléno on Sunday evening was indicted on Wednesday and remanded in custody. This man, who had been arrested shortly after the events, had been brought to the Paris court on Tuesday evening at the end of his police custody. A judicial investigation has been opened for homicide and aggravated involuntary injuries (the suspect being intoxicated and having driven despite a canceled driver’s license), damage, intentional violence, theft and hit and run. The suspect was indicted on these counts by an investigating judge and imprisoned.

The Paris prosecutor’s office has also brought to execution two other sentences of six and three months’ imprisonment already on the criminal record of this man, which means that he will have to serve these nine months in prison.

Antoine Alléno, who was riding a scooter, was hit at a red light on Sunday around 11:00 p.m. in the 7th arrondissement of the capital by a driver who had just stolen a luxury vehicle. The young man, who was at the head of the restaurant Father and Son Burger, launched last year with his father and closed since the tragedy, died on the spot. A passenger who was on the scooter and a VTC driver were also hit, said the same source. Suffering from “multiple contusions”, they were transported to the hospital, their vital prognosis not being engaged. The driver fled on foot but was quickly arrested by an off-duty police officer from the Paris metropolitan area’s local security department (DSPAP).

At the end of this ceremony in the collegiate Notre-Dame de Poissy, it is expected that Antoine Alléno will be buried in the strictest privacy. He will rest with one of his family members, his grandfather.

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