Gers: Tarbais bean soup, gizzards and Gascon pastis… Auscita schoolchildren taste André Daguin’s menu

the essential
After Europe week, Auscitain schoolchildren enjoyed this Friday lunchtime with dishes in tribute to chef André Daguin. Tarbais bean soup, duck gizzards and Gascon pastis… The menu prepared by the Ronde des Mousquetaires with the central kitchen marked the start of the Auch le Goût gastronomy festival.

After the week of Europe and its Italian, German or Hungarian menus, it is with an original Gascon menu that the Auscitain schoolchildren delighted this Friday noon in tribute to chef André Daguin. On the school children’s tray, everything was brought together to remind the taste buds of the taste of André Daguin’s dishes.

As a starter, a cold Tarbais bean soup with candied tomatoes echoed the Chef’s famous bean sorbet. For the main course, roasted new potatoes accompanied the pot of duck gizzards to satisfy the children with local products. And to finish on a sweet note, the unmissable Gascon pastis…

Issues beyond taste

“When we thought of this project, we wanted to highlight the work of this chef, but above all to introduce new things to children, explains the deputy mayor Cathy Daste-Leplus. We try to create shocks at home, explosions of flavours. Obviously, it was a success, because the children were discussing it among themselves. Some appreciated the originality of the cold soup, while the others were disconcerted by the candied tomato. Everyone has their own tastes, not everyone can love everything, but at least they discovered and they were able to put words to it. It creates links. Cooking is the high place of social ties”.

Introducing children to new flavors, but without rushing them too much… “These are things they don’t know, that’s why we took it easy. For example, for baby potatoes, we We left the skin. It’s something that is only done in big restaurants. We tried hoping that the children would like it”, continues Christian Couzier, head of service at the central kitchen. It is therefore a cultural contribution for the children who have the opportunity to discuss it with the teachers or accompanying agents.

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