Google confirms its competition with Apple

On the occasion of its annual conference, the Google I / O, the Mountain View company presented two new products for its Pixel range: a connected watch and a tablet. These products will compete with the Apple Watch as well as the iPad, but will they succeed?

The Pixel Watch is born thanks to the acquisition of Fitbit

While Google offers Wear OS, especially to Samsung and others, without even having its own connected watch, things should be back to normal very soon. After numerous leaks, Google has decided to present a new product for its Pixel range. Available from the fall, it has a round dial with very thin edges, unlike the market leader, the Apple Watch. The only similarity: a wheel on the side allowing you to navigate through the interface of the watch.

The Pixel Watch is expected to be released in the fall, for an as-yet-unknown retail price. Source: Google.

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This Pixel Watch is designed to be an extension of the use of a smartphone. She will be able to control Google Assistant, Google Maps, Google Wallet, and almost everything that starts with Google. Without saying more about the substance, the company also suggests that its connected watch will take over activity monitoring functions from Fitbit, which it acquired in 2020. In his presentation, Rick Osterloh, vice president of products and services did not discuss the upcoming price of the Pixel Watch. Difficult to say if it will come close to the high end like Apple, or if it will align with the average market prices.

I stop the tablets… but in fact not

Rick Osterloh also unveiled another product for the Pixel line: a tablet. Google had yet announced to withdraw from the market with the failure of the Pixel Slate. It was ultimately a temporary withdrawal.

The firm was relatively sparing in detail, even if in its presentation, it suggests uses oriented towards entertainment, rather than work. Moreover work, it is likely to have some to make its tablet legitimate.

Edge view of the Pixel Tablet

Edge view of the Pixel Tablet. Source: Google.

First, Android tablets do not enjoy the same image as an iPad, all ranges combined. Their design and technical performance alone often make them unattractive, but also inexpensive products.

Also, iOS developers have become accustomed to adapting their applications for larger screens, with often adapted interfaces. If recent Android updates go that way, Android 13 will be key for Google, but it will need developers. The Mountain View firm has also started working with publishers to offer versions of TikTok, Zoom, or even Facebook adapted to Android tablets, and especially the Pixel Tablet.

A serious bet on the future

Google’s business model, unlike Apple’s, is based primarily on advertising revenue. Last quarter, more than $61 billion in revenue came from advertising.

The sale of devices such as smartphones, or home automation products are placed in an “Other” category, which however increased by 2 billion in one year. By unveiling two new products, the Pixel Watch and the Pixel Tablet, Google confirms its desire to extend its business to the one where Apple reigns supreme. However, the Mountain View company has already disappointed in the past, demonstrating that it was better at developing software and artificial intelligence than hardware.

Aligning the offer of its Pixel range with that of Apple – even if for the moment it is impossible to compare the prices charged – risks creating high expectations, which Google will have to meet, without frustrating.

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