Google I/O 2022: Pixel 6 launched, Pixel 7 and 7 Pro unveiled

The Pixel 6a is finally launched. After the 6 and 6 Pro models, this one, presented at the Google I/O conference, combines the performance of the two models in a smaller format. The firm also showed the first images of the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, as well as a V2 of the connected glasses.

On the occasion of its annual conference, Google I / O, the firm presented the Pixel 6a, which borrows several character traits from the 6 and 6 Pro versions. The unveiled model is equipped with the same SoC of the firm, as well as the Titan M2 chip dedicated to security. Thanks to the latter, “the device is more resistant to attacks”, specifies Soniya Jobanputra, manager of the Pixel A series product line. The Titan M2 also works with a fingerprint sensor placed under the screen. The device has the same 5G connectivity as the Pixel 6 range.

Head of the Pixel A-series product line, Soniya Jobanputra introduced the Pixel 6a. (Credit: Google)

Emphasizing the performance of the Pixel 6a, Soniya Jobanputra clarifies that the ML models of the device “run almost five times faster than the Pixel 5a, which helps deliver better performance and richer experiences for the same device. price “. Note that the device is slightly smaller (6.1”) than the Pixel 6 (6.4”) and the Pixel 6 Pro (6.7”). On the photo side, the smartphone with the dual rear camera is now equipped with a “Night sight” night mode, as well as a magic eraser on Google Photos to delete elements. Regarding the voice, an interpreter mode is added as well as a live translation to overcome the language barrier. According to tests, the average battery life is approximately 29 hours.

The Pixel 6a is available from 459 euros including VAT, in sage, pebble and charcoal colors, and pre-orders will begin on July 21.

A rain of gadgets launched

During this rain of announcements made by Google, the firm showed the first images of the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro which will be equipped with the next Google Tensor and Android 13. They should be officially available in the fall.

The Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are expected to arrive next fall. Aluminum will be used for the photo banner instead of glass. (Credit: Google)

Smart glasses also made a comeback during the presentation. Taking stock of augmented reality, the giant announced a second version of its connected glasses. The latter are able to write live and translate the language to overcome the language barrier but also to help people with hearing loss. For the moment, no release date has been communicated.

Connected glasses called “smart glasses” from Google. (Credit: Google)

Another surprise, Wallet, until now reserved for bank cards, is now open to all types of tickets including plane, train, loyalty cards, concert tickets, etc. For some users, the license may even be included. The service should be available in the coming months in more than 40 countries on Android devices and will be gradually rolled out to other countries.

The service will be available in one click, located at the bottom right of the locked screen. (Credit: Google)

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