Google I/O, iPhone in USB-C, Twitter, SVoD… La Quotidienne des Nums [12/05/2022]

Join us from 11:30 a.m. to discuss the latest live news! On the program today: Google I/O announcements, the iPhone in USB-C, privacy at Twitter, electric jeeps… and of course, tests!

Find your daily appointment not to be missed on Digital and Twitch. Every day at 11:30 a.m., Lam Hua (@LamHua on Twitter) invites you to an informal discussion on the major themes of high-tech news. In joy and good humor, we will review the articles of the Digital and our colleagues who deserve your full attention.

On the program this Thursday, May 12: Google I / O 2022: we debrief all the announcements, the iPhone finally in USB-C?, Twitter gamifies our privacy settings, Volkswagen wants to make electric jeeps, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 seems well squared… and SVoD and cinema news with Bastien Lion!

See you right away on our channel.

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