Google is adopting a skin tone scale to teach diversity to its AI

Reproduce the diversity of skin colors as faithfully as possible in all services and applications involving image processing and artificial intelligence. This is the goal that Google has been pursuing for several years. Taking advantage of its Google I/O conference, the Californian firm announced that it was now using a new scale of ten shades of skin tones in order to ”
strengthen the representation of all skin colors in Google tools in the image of users

This tool was developed in partnership with Professor Ellis Monk of Harvard University in the United States. ”
We know that challenges with image technologies and representation on the web have historically left people of color feeling overlooked and misrepresented.

“says Google.

The skin tone scale used by Google

Among the immediate practical applications, a new series of Real Tone filters based on this scale of skin tones will be available in the coming weeks for Google Photos on Android, iOS and on the web. In addition, Google plans to integrate this scale into various products in the coming months. It is also made public for use by anyone for product research and development.

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Image: Google

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