Google Maps will offer you more eco-responsible routes

Google also had a word for its mapping service during the Google I/O. Among the new features announced, the possibility of being a little more eco-responsible on Google Maps.

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Since its launch in 2004, Google Maps has become a staple of navigation around the world with more than a billion users. Thanks to its free access and ease of use, it has become the reflex for many users to accompany daily routes. At the Google I/O conference, the firm presented several new features for its mapping service.

More eco-responsible routes

Over time, Google Maps offers more and more options to find the route that best suits your needs. Last added: an option to create more eco-responsible alternative routes. It’s really about finding the route that is least likely to consume fuel. For Google, it is also a question of proposing a more economical route in a period when the price of gasoline is soaring.

Google Maps will offer you more eco-responsible routes

This service is currently only available in the United States and Canada, but Google announces an upcoming extension in Europe.

A more immersive experience

Google wants to find a new way to make use of the enormous mass of data represented by Google Street View and the multiple photos seen from the sky of large cities. To do this, the firm’s teams have designed a new method to better prepare tourist trips with a new, more immersive representation.

With this immersive view, you will be able to observe the life of a neighborhood at several times of the day, to discover which are the most lively times. It must also make it possible to visit very dynamically the interior of a restaurant or a café. The idea is really to almost visit a place in advance before going there physically. At the risk of breaking the spontaneity and the surprise that can also make the salt of a trip.

This function will first be deployed in a few cities in 2022, before extending to other major cities. The first affected will be London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokyo and New York.

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