Google Nest cameras and doorbells are now compatible with Alexa

The Mountain View company is rolling out an update to the Alexa skill for certain Google Nest devices.

The new skill allows the latest Google Nest Cam (wired and battery-powered models), Nest Cam with projector and Nest Doorbell to interact with Amazon Echo Show devices, Echo speakers, Fire TVs and Fire tablets. It will therefore be possible to broadcast motion alert notifications, communicate using two-way audio, or even display live video streams (on Echo Show, Fire TV and Fire tablets).

To take advantage of these new features, all you have to do is configure the Google Nest devices from the Google Home app, and go to the Alexa appchoose the tab More at the bottom right of the interface, then Skills and gamesbefore searching for the Google Nest skill and enabling it (the app will ask you to identify yourself, then start a search for new compatible devices on your network).

• The Google Nest Cam outdoor/indoor camera with battery at €169.99 instead of €199.99
• The wired Google Nest Cam outdoor/indoor camera at €105.58
• The Google NEst camera with projector at €299.99
• The Google Doorbell at €169.99 instead of €199.99

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