Google Nest cameras now work with Alexa

Things are changing for most connected objects. The latest skill of the voice assistant Alexa finally allows him to control Google Nest cameras by voice.

Amazon recently announced that third-party connected cameras can finally take advantage of its new skills. The Google Nest feature for Amazon Alexa even lets youshow a live stream and D’get motion announcements on Echo speakers.

Googles Nest features accessible with the latest Alexa skill

Today it is possible to stream all your Google Nest cameras to an Echo Show. You can even see a live stream of the new models on a Fire TV or Fire tablet. Receiving motion announcements on your Echo speakers and smart displays, seeing and talking to visitors via an Echo Show is also possible.

In addition to two-way talk on the Google Nest Doorbell, you can also receive ringtone notifications. You can therefore use the Echo Show as an intercom for your doorbell.

Of course, if you have a Google Nest smart display, you’ve had all of these features for quite a while. This is also the case if you have a Ring doorbell and a device echo-show. These two configurations can also automatically display the stream on your connected screen if your doorbell is pushed.

Voice commands Alexa for this new feature include “Alexa, show the stream [nom de la caméra] and “Alexa, answer the front door.” The feature also incorporates previous Google Nest skills. This is the case for those allowing users to Nest Thermostat of control their thermostat and old Nest cameras.

This harmonization in the functionalities of the connected home constitutes a forerunner of the future Matter connected home standard. This concept promises the unification of all connected devices in a home. We will be able to control everything through any application or voice assistant.

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