Google’s Nearby Share file sharing feature is now more convenient

Nearby Share, the simplified file sharing function between Android, Chrome OS and Windows devices, is improving in small steps and approaching Apple’s AirDrop model.

Launched in the summer of 2020, the Nearby Share function has since been widely deployed. Remember that it allows you to share content and files without needing to be connected to the internet between Android smartphones and tablets, computers under Chrome OS, and even PCs under Windows.

Batch transfer now possible

An extremely useful feature that makes life easier for users who previously went through e-mail or other methods that were not well suited for this purpose. Google was improving there a previous sharing function, Beam, which was based on an NFC that was less reliable and slower than Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Suffice to say that Nearby Share quickly imposed itself.

The search engine did not go far to seek its inspiration: the function is indeed very reminiscent of AirDrop, the equivalent of Apple, also very practical for sharing files between iPhone, iPad and Mac. But AirDrop was still superior to its Android competitor. It happens that the user must authorize the transfer of each document, which greatly slows down the operation.

The latest Google Play Services May 2022 update (v22.15) improves Nearby Share on this specific point. It allows the sending of documents in batches. No need to validate them one by one, at least on devices connected to the same Google account. It doesn’t seem like much, but this little novelty will speed up transfers for all those who are used to passing documents between their terminals.

This new version also brings a new interface to the Google Help application, which finally integrates the Material You interface at work since Android 12. Downloading and installing this new version of Google Play Services, as well as from the Play Store (v30.3), are normally automatic.

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