Gourmet verrines for a spring aperitif

Has been the verrines? Nay! The savory verrines are the perfect format for a chic and convivial spring aperitif. First, because you can prepare them in advance, second, you can put whatever you want in them. Plus, they make any recipe more elegant, without spending a penny more. For the dishes, you can bet on cups, champagne or cocktail glasses.
In short, there are a thousand reasons to adopt aperitif verrines when you receive.

A festival of colors and textures

For the green color, we ask for asparagus, zucchini and peas. For white and yellow, we bet on different kinds of cheese. With goat’s milk, hard or soft, there will be something for everyone. As for the nuances of pink and red, they will be brought by the radish, the strawberry and the tomato. Without forgetting that charcuterie and seafood products also bring their share of colors.
All that remains is to play it monochrome or, on the contrary, to multiply the colors and textures. This is the asset of verrines, playing with contrasts. We therefore associate creamy preparations with other crispy ones. For example, a soup with raw ham crisps and croutons, or raw vegetable sticks, served with guacamole. All this, always presented in individual portions.

A farandole of flavors

In terms of flavors, it is of course the spring vegetables that will be the stars of the aperitif. They can be used in all possible ways: in hummus, gazpachos, skewers, savory crumbles… And to add a nice touch to the whole thing, we think of serving them with condiments such as lemon oil, or a sweet and savory vinaigrette. Also consider fresh herbs such as mint, basil and chives, to add a refreshing finishing touch.

A parade of recipes

Ceviches and fish carpaccios by the glass, asparagus and avocado gazpacho, savory crumble, revisited caprese salad… Discover our selection of spring verrines.

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