great day of mobilization to defend the right to abortion

A right to abortion threatened by the Supreme Court which seems ready to go back, 50 years after its historic decision to protect abortion.

Some 400 processions are organized across the country, including large marches in Washington, New York, Chicago, Austin and Los Angeles, according to the organizers of this day of action.

“We are prepared for this moment”

“On Saturday, our elected leaders, Supreme Court justices, corporations that fund anti-abortion interests will hear us out,” said Sonja Spoo, an official with feminist organization UltraViolet, who promises further action.

Pending the judgment of the Court, which must intervene by the end of June, “we are prepared to face this moment, whether by demonstrating in the streets, by making requests to elected officials, whatever the cost” .

The possibility of abortion is already restricted in 23 states run by Republicans and others are awaiting the decision of the Supreme Court, now firmly rooted in conservatism, to in turn limit abortions.

“My body, my choice”

And some demonstrators protest to cries of “my body, my choice” even in front of the home of conservative judges of the Court in the wealthy suburbs of the capital.

The elected Democrats in Congress, who have promised to protect the right to abortion in the states where they are in the majority, also called on Friday for a large mobilization by gathering on the steps of the Congress which faces the Court supreme.

“We won’t stop fighting until everyone, and I mean everyone, has access to safe and legal abortions, regardless of income, zip code or ethnicity,” promised elected official Barbara Lee, who has in the past publicly spoken about her own clandestine abortion.

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