Guadeloupean culinary art invites itself to Taste of Paris

For the first time, Guadeloupe puts the small dishes in the big ones by participating in the Taste of Paris. The opportunity to discover our gastronomy and the universe of three Guadeloupean chefs and to dive into their culinary identity.

Cod fritters, bokits, colombo de cabri, coconut sorbet, torment of love: the gastronomy of our archipelago is appearing on the tables of the Taste of Paris show, the culinary show for lovers of gourmet novelties.

Until May 15, the Tourism Committee of the Islands of Guadeloupe (CTIG) is participating for the first time in this show which takes place at the Grand Palais on the Champs de Mars in Paris. No fewer than 32,000 visitors are expected. The opportunity to export and introduce our gastronomic riches to as many people as possible.

And during these 4 days of the fair, an ephemeral restaurant from the islands of Guadeloupe will allow visitors to discover and taste some nuggets made by three Guadeloupean chefs: Claude Strazel, Jean-Rony Leriche and Xavier Pistol.

Taste of Paris brings together for four days in one place the best of the current French culinary scene, the opportunity to feast on essential dishes from restaurants or small novelties specially designed for the festival, presented in portions. Three-star chefs or nuggets to discover: they are chosen solely on one criterion, their talent for exceptional cuisine.

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