“He has no reason to be nice to me”

The billionaire slammed the Twitter takeover candidate, who recently insulted him on the platform.

Bill Gates is calming the game. The founder and former CEO of Microsoft responded in an interview with the BBC to the richest man in the world, a week after he insulted him on Twitter.

After having authenticated exchanges by SMS with Bill Gates, where the two businessmen exchanged about the downward bets taken by the latter against Tesla, he had published incendiary tweets:

Bill Gates decided to ignore it. “He has no reason to be nice to me,” he explained, recalling the reasons for his investments.

The popularity of electric cars will lead to increased competition for the sale of these cars. So there’s a difference between the adoption of electric cars and the companies making them having very high valuations.”

The philanthropist bet low against Tesla, believing its current valuation would fall. Elon Musk interpreted this position as a provocation going against the fight against global warming. Gates rejects any link with global warming in this position.

A waiting position on Twitter

On the other hot file concerning the whimsical founder of Tesla and SpaceX, the takeover of Twitter, he also preferred to kick in touch, neither welcoming nor criticizing this change of hands. He challenged Elon Musk:

You know, Elon, I think it’s possible to make Twitter a worse place. But it could also be better. So I maintain an attitude of expectation.”

On the platform, Gates is regularly taunted in the context of conspiracy theories making him the instigator of a general tracing of the population via vaccines.

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