Here are the ten everyday food products most affected by runaway inflation

In April the annual inflation rate in the euro zone was estimated at 7.5% against 7.4% in March according to a flash estimate published on 29th April by Eurostat. This rate in Belgium was estimated at 9.3%, stable compared to March. Inflation also continued to accelerate in April in France to reach 4.8% over one year, with a marked price increase on several everyday food products. Among our French neighbours, inflation was thus 15% on pasta. Next come frozen meats (11%), flour (11%), oils (10%), mustards (9%), roasted coffees (8%), dried fruits (8%), minced meats (8%). Pasta-based ready meals and semolina and cereals complete this top 10 with inflation of around 7.5%.

“Last month, we saw inflation at more than 4.5% on everything except drinks. This is one of the levels of inflation not seen since the 1980s”, indicates to Ouest France Grégory Caret, director of the Observatory of consumption. “With the reopening of negotiations on certain products in the coming weeks, inflation could reach +5% at the start of the summer in supermarkets, a level not seen since 2008”, adds Emily Mayer, Business Insights Director of IRI, quoted by Capital.

Alongside these products, others have seen their prices drop recently in France. This is particularly the case for cooked ham (-1%), laundry products (-2.28%) and baby hygiene products (-1%).


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