In Italy, McDonald’s offers a funny snack (very Italian) on the menu

In Italy, McDonald’s now offer a culinary experience worthy of the greatest gourmet restaurants (well, almost). On March 30, the tiktoker @_amberjs had attracted the curiosity of millions of Internet users by posting a video titled “Things in Italian McDonald’s That Make Sense”revealing to the world a quite incredible fact.

For only one euro, you can order a piece of parmesan sold at retail, enough to take a “local” break after eating a big burger and some very, very American potatoes.

When McDonald’s plays the local brewery

The “Parmigiano Reggiano snack”, also known as “pocket cheese” or “pocket cheese”, is the new trend of McDonald’s. In fact, parmesan is not the only local cheese to join the menu of Italian McDonalds. Customers can also order mozzarella, pecorino, Asiago or even provolone.

Across Europe and the world, the American chain strives to offer local specialties to be closer to its customers. If the McBaguette has invaded French territory, Canadians can order a poutine 100% made in McDonald’s. There is also a bubur ayam on the Malaysian McDonald’s menu, a Ham n’ Egg in Hong Kong or a McKroket in the Netherlands.

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